The Ultimate Loop Remix Software


LoopJam lets you spice up and remix music loops in a new and easy way. Generate countless remixes of your loops in one click.


Using LoopJam you easily multiply your loop library by 10 through the impressive remixes and breaks you are able to create with one click.


Turn the dust in your loop library into gold with one click on the ::: JAM ::: button. It’s unique, it’s addictive, it’s LoopJam.

Now listen to some music examples

All Loops/Breaks have been created from the same 4 bar segment of the song using the JAM Button of „LoopJam“. You can create unlimited versions and  breaks and without losing the original vibe of the song. Once you start LoopJamming you don’t wanna stop.

Sounds awesome but... How does it work?


Load a loop (4s-15s length) into LoopJam.

A wave file 44,1kHz / 16bit is required. No idea? We got you. 🙂 We provide a free converter to fix your loops.


Click the JAM button and your loop will be automatically sliced,  remixed and re-arranged.



Apply up to 10 FX on EACH Slice (not on the whole loop but each segment) which again allows you to create 10x variations. 

Learn how to use LoopJam

Make sure to watch the video in full screen to be able to read the written explanations given in the top area of the video.

15.000 Downloads can't be wrong

Since launching LoopJam our software has been downloaded and used by about 15.000 musicians around the world. Top Download Country is France.